The Deeper Well Retreat

Originally designed for nurses with burnout, the retreat is open and adaptable to anyone. It is great fit for artists, writers, and creative persons wanting to delve deeper, and more abstractly, into the source of our creativity. The retreat has its basic “bones” for the presentation, but also follows an organic path that shows up with each group. A wonderful handout is given which includes many resources for further investigation.

2013 Schedule will be coming soon….

Retreats can also be scheduled per individual request. Minimum of four persons is encouraged, but retreats can be scheduled for less.

To schedule a retreat, call 559.561.4671 or email elsahc@dishmail.net
Offering 24 hours CE’s for CA nurses, many other states also accept California CE’s
California Nursing Board Provider #13161

3 day retreat: registration fee is $595 (for 2-3 persons), $495 (for 4 or more persons)
(includes cost of books used for inspirational reading assignments)
Deposit of $300 required at time of registration, the rest is due the first day of retreat.  Cancellation must be made 2 weeks in advance for refund of deposit, minus $100 fee.  MasterCard, VISA, Discover and personal checks accepted.

The retreat size is limited to eight persons to foster a smaller group experience. 
The retreat starts on day one in the morning and ends on day three in the evening. 
It is advised that only persons who are enrolled in the workshop accompany you for the retreat.
 For lodging located nearby in Three Rivers, visit  threeriversvillage.com. You can also stay at my bed and breakfast cottage next door, see cortcottage.com for details.

[Lake Kaweah at the entrance to Three Rivers, California, photo © Elsah Cort]

About the Retreat

The retreat is organized around six passages, with one and six occurring before and after the retreat. Each passage involves individual reading assignments, some creative projects including mandala making as a contemplative exercise, gathering together for group sharing, and a directed meditative walk among the Giant Sequoia trees at Crescent Meadow in Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park (if snow has closed the road to the meadow, an alternate site with a shorter walk will be chosen, along with time spent in nature at lower elevations.)

Retreat Objectives

1. To present the participant with an opportunity to engage “job burnout” as a creative process, one that is dynamic, organic and inherently healthy.

2. To provide foundational information about origins and stages of burnout, both from the individual’s perspective and within a broader nursing professional perspective.

3. To allow for a retreat setting to encourage the participant to read, journal, and discuss a diverse range of ideas, approaches and bases of knowledge about many aspects of healing.To offer practical ways to experience burnout transformation.

4. To offer practical ways to experience burnout transformation.

5. To support the person in this experiential exploration in ways that are compatible within a holistic healing philosophy.

6. To nurture what happens without judgment, preconceived ideas or pressure. To allow for a natural enfoldment of the person’s own process, one that intertwines within the person’s professional practice.

7. To serve and support the person’s re-membering of spirit, enhancing the dignity of the human spirit and bringing healing and authenticity to the world.

[Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park, photo © Elsah Cort]


Craniosacral Work Primer

An introduction to sensing cranial wave and it’s direct connection to health and wholeness.

“We seem to be sitting still, but we’re actually moving,
and the fantasies of phenomena are sliding through us,
like ideas through curtains.
They go to the well of deep love inside each of us.
They fill their jars there and they leave.
There is a source they come from, and a fountain inside here.
Be generous and grateful.
Confess when you’re not.
We cannot know what the divine has in mind.”   Rumi
(art by Sulamith Wulfing)

You can schedule a workshop, with a minimum of four participants.

3 day workshop: registration fee is $595
Deposit of $300 required at time of registration, the rest is due the first day of retreat.  Cancellation must be made 2 weeks in advance for refund of deposit, minus $100 fee.  MasterCard, VISA, Discover and personal checks accepted.

To register for workshop, call 559.561.4671 or email elsahc@dishmail.net
Offering 24 hours CE’s for CA and NV nurses
California Nursing Board Provider #13161

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to sensing the subtle movement of the cranial wave. It is specifically designed for nurses (but is open to anyone), to expose you to the ancient practice of craniosacral work and how it is possible to integrate this sensitivity into your practice of nursing. The only pre-requisite is to come with an open mind. We will work in pairs during the practice sessions. Short, informative “lectures” will fill in the gaps.

A cranial session is like a relaxing massage from the inside out, using light touch and sensitive focus on cranial wave movement and deep stillpoints. It is not limited to working with the cranial bones, but rather the whole body, including the sacrum, heart, and limbs, as directed by the cranial wave itself. This work transcends the physical layers into the depth and wisdom of emotion and spirit, expanding consciousness, promoting relaxation, and inviting health.

Please wear comfortable clothing and no perfume or cologne.
Bring a blanket and pillow (to be used under the knees).

I have been a practitioner of craniosacral work since 1997.

This workshop is not intended to make you a fully integrated practitioner of craniosacral work. Additional extensive training is recommended at these craniosacral schools:
Milne Institute: visionary craniosacral work
Dynamic Stillness: biodynamic craniosacral work

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    1. thedeeperwell Post author

      I am sure there are similar courses, but not from me. I teach in the Sierra Nevada mountains and part of the retreat involves walking among the Giant Sequoias. Keep searching and asking and what you need will show up for you. There are many, many of us on this path of new openings.

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